1800W P.M.P.O

20W R.M.S

Rockaway beach has been recognized as the most beautiful beach in New York City. And that's what the Brooklin Rockaway speaker is like - beautiful and perfect for a beach party.

And that's what the Brooklin Rockaway speaker is like - beautiful and perfect for a beach party. A little bit smaller than Rockaway XL, but it's still enough for fun.




8" speaker

Rechargeable battery



SD Card

FM Radio

LED backlight

Especially if you organize an outdoor party, a neighbourly barbecue, or your kids simply want to play with music in the background. Especially for younger users, Rockaway is equipped with LED backlighting. Teenagers love such gadgets, as well as karaoke, and that is why we attach a wired microphone to the Rockaway. The contest for better singers can be organized by both parents and their children.

The speaker is very lightweight, thanks, among other features, to the use of a 2200 mAh lithium battery.

Rockaway allows you to play music from various Bluetooth devices. Pairing the devices takes a few seconds and is fully automatic. This allows you to play the sound directly from your phone.

The speaker also has micro SD, BT, TF card slots. There is also a possibility of wired connection with any device equipped with USB input or standard AUX miniJack socket 3.5 mm.

The speaker can also be paired with other speakers. Voice messages in Polish, English or German can also be switched on.

The speaker can be controlled remotely, via the remote control or manually. The top control panel features an LED display, a volume knob (microphone, treble, bass), scroll buttons and soundtrack loop buttons. There is also a separate button to turn on the speaker backlight.

If you don't want to play with music, the speaker will do it for you. Rockaway is equipped with a radio module that supports the full range of FM waves and a retractable radio antenna.

Thanks to its powerful battery, you don't have to worry about the power supply - the speaker lasts up to 2-3 hours. Once the battery is flat, it can be charged by the cable included in the set.


Portable wireless speaker
Speaker: 8"
Battery:  2x2200mah
Power up: to 3,5 h
Charging time: 3-4 h
Inputs: 1 microphone slot, microSD card slot, BT, TF, USB slot, microUSB, wirless Bluetooth
Radio: yes
Lighting effects: LED
Power: RMS 20W
Power: PMPO 1800W
Dimensions: 295x240x4350mm
Warranty: 24 months warranty
Package Contents: speaker, remote control, wireless microphone, power cable, instruction