4000W P.M.P.O

45W R.M.S

This speaker is a true work of art - it's like one of the exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

It may well be that it is exhibited there one day. The speaker perfectly fits in with contemporary trends - minimalist in form yet rich in content. Although the casing does not reveal it, the Metropolitan speaker has the latest electronics inside.




15" speaker

Rechargeable battery



SD Card

FM Radio

LED backlight

Metropolitan speaker is ideal for neighbourly barbecues, evening dancing or as a sound system on a nearby beach.

It is also perfect for kids playing on the pitch or raging at the skatepark. As far as the quality of fun goes, the sky is the limit: the set includes a wireless microphone, and the speaker is equipped with a recording module. Anyone who feels up to it should try it as a karaoke equipment.

Moreover, if you can't be bothered choosing the music, the speaker will do it for you.

Metropolitan is equipped with a radio module that supports full FM wavelength range and a retractable radio antenna. It also has a built-in recording module and thus works well as a karaoke equipment.

It can also be paired with other speakers. Despite its large size, the speaker is very lightweight, thanks, among other things, to the use of a lithium battery (3x2200 mAh).

The Brooklin Metropolitan B15L speaker allows you to play music from various Bluetooth devices. Pairing the devices takes a few seconds and is fully automatic. This allows you to play audio directly from your phone. The speaker also has a micro SD, BT, TF card slot. There is also a possibility of wired connection with any device equipped with USB input or standard AUX miniJack 3.5 mm.

The speaker can be controlled with an external device, by a remote control or manually. The top control panel features an LED display, volume control (microphone, treble, bass), scroll buttons and loop buttons. There is also a separate button to turn on the speaker backlight. You can also activate voice messages in Polish, English or German in the speaker.

Thanks to the powerful battery, you don't have to worry about power supply - the speaker lasts up to 4 hours. Once the battery is flat, it can be charged via the cable included in the set.

Metropolitan speaker is easy to carry around - it has wheels and a retractable handle, and thanks to its stable base it can be safely placed even on soft ground.


Portable wireless speaker equipped with wheels
Speaker: 15 inches
Lithium battery: 3x2200mah
Battery life: up to 4 hours
Battery charging time: 4-5 hours.
Inputs: 1 microphone jack, 1 guitar socket, microSD card slot, USB connector, microUSB
Connectivity: bluetooth
FM radio: Yes
LED lighting effects: Yes
Power: RMS 45W
Power: PMPO 4000W
Dimensions: 462x388x655 mm
Warranty: 24 months
Package Included: Column, remote control, wireless microphone, power cable & instructions.