From love for children and music

It’s a myth or a good advertising gimmick that the young people are behind most of the inventions. On the contrary, the truth is that the middle-aged people have the ideas and means to create innovative products.

The good example is the story of Brooklin brand. Two American friends, the fathers of the teenagers, decided to make a gift for their children. A gift which would please the two generations. Because the both age groups were fascinated by music, the choice was relatively simple – loudspeakers. But product other than the usual one you can get in any store. They aimed to make a good quality speaker, visually appealing and light enough to be carry anywhere. 

Around skate parks, sports fields or outdoor events - teenagers are always accompanied by music. But they listen directly from the cellphones or computers where music loses its quality.

The project had started by testing the equipment present on the market. But nothing was good enough. If it was affordable, the quality of sound was poor. If the sound was good the device used enormous amount of energy causes frequent batteries replacement. Also aesthetics were always questionable.

The idea to create their own audio product brand was great especially the inventors had previous experience designing sound equipment for individuals. The first loudspeakers under the Brooklin brand have been designed to appeal to their children. Kids with their friends had tested them at the outdoor events when they skateboarded, played basketball, or sat at campfire. After the testing a few things had to be improved. First the housing has been strengthened, then the sound membrane improved, finally the battery life extended. This is how BROOKLIN SPEAKERS brand was born. Since the American kids could not live without them anymore, the inventors expanded the name to Brooklin - The Sound of Life, because wherever there where children, there was also life full of music.

The first models called Brodway conquered the market in the States. Now the time has come for Europe. Because the inventors' predecessors came from Poland, the owners of the company decided to introduce their product to our country. Brooklin speakers will be available in Poland in 2019 to enjoy the sound of life.