8000W P.M.P.O

80W R.M.S

The best we can offer. No more words to say, only sound

Brooklyn Broadway: the speaker which owes its name to the most artistic street of New York.




12" speaker

Rechargeable battery



SD Card

FM Radio

LED backlight

What sets this model apart is the highest sound quality, additionally enhanced by an exclusive wooden casing. Broadway is designed for large rooms or outdoor events. It can also be paired with other speakers. It is fully backlit in LED system, in different colors.

Brooklyn Broadway B1212W allows you to play music from various Bluetooth devices. Pairing the devices takes a few seconds and is fully automatic. This allows you to play audio directly from your phone. Additionally, it has a micro SD, TF, BT card slot. There is also a possibility of wired connection with any device equipped with USB input or standard AUX miniJack socket 3.5 mm.

The Broadway is controlled by a multifunctional panel located at the top of the speaker. It is equipped with two separate knobs for setting the microphone and speaker volume, scrolling and recording buttons, five-slider main equalizer, SD, USB, guitar and microphone inputs, as well as the recording button and different modes. The LED screen displays the respective commands. You can also activate voice messages in Polish or English.

Thanks to its microphone input, the Brooklyn Broadway B1212W is ideal for presentations in the field or in a large hall (wireless microphone included!). Anyone who, professionally or not, is involved in the management of large events should have it (easy control thanks to the included wireless remote control and a control console mounted on the top front). Brooklyn Broadway B1212W has a built-in recording module - it also works as a karaoke equipment. At the same time it can be used as an amplifier - it has a slot for guitar jack. And if you can't be bothered with choosing the music, the speaker will do it for you. Brooklyn Broadway is equipped with a radio module that supports the full range of FM waves.

With a powerful battery, you don't have to worry about power - the speaker lasts up to 5 hours. The Broadway speaker is easy to move around with its wheels, retractable handle and side handles, and its stable base allows you to safely position it even on soft ground.


Portable wireless speaker equipped with wheels in a wooden case.
Speaker: 2 x 12"
Power: up to 5 h
Charging time: 5-7 h
Inputs: 1 microphone slot, 1 slot for guitar jack, microSD, BT and TF card slots, USB port, microUSB, wirless Bluetooth
Radio: retractable antenna, FM radio
Lighting effects: LED
Power: RMS 80W
Power: PMPO 8000W
Dimensions: 440x385x1065mm
Warranty: 24 months warranty
Package Contents: speaker wooden case, wheels and pull-out handle), remote control, wireless microphone, power cable, instruction