Range to: 20km

up to: 27km/h

Electric Marine is one of the most comfortable scooters available on the market today. Safe, easy to use and extremely durable. Featuring two inflatable, tubeless wheels, disc brakes, a three-mode engine and an easily replaceable battery, it is ideal for urban and off-road use. It's controlled by a handlebar on the steering wheel. The front of the scooter has a control panel in the form of an LCD display.

What makes it so special?

The comfort of driving is provided by two inflatable tyres (up to 50 PSI). Anyone who has ever ridden a scooter with regular rubber wheels on paving blocks will appreciate the fact that the Marine has inflatable tires. In addition, they're tubeless - just like in cars.

Replaceable battery. Electric scooters are getting longer and longer, but you can't really drive more than 20-30 km on a single charge. Unless we have the Marine scooter. Our scooter is equipped with a battery that can be replaced in one go. It is enough to have a spare (weight +/- 1 kg) and when the first one is exhausted, we exchange it for a spare one, which will take about... five seconds. Another advantage is the charging system. The scooter can simply be plugged into a power source (cable with plug included), but the battery itself can also be plugged directly into the charger in exactly the same way as a scooter. If, however, the scooter gets discharged anyway, you can return home using it the same way as a regular non-electric scooter.

A high driving platform. Although our roads and sidewalks are getting better and better, they are still far from perfect. Holes, speed bumps, high curbs, gravel or sand - a regular scooter can't handle these obstacles. Our Marine scooter can! the engineers in charge of its construction have equipped it with a high-density platform. It is obvious that a scooter cannot compare to a bicycle in this respect, but among other things, the Marine scooter stands out as a Mercedes when compared to a wheelbarrow.

Three driving modes. Just like modern cars,  Marine scooter is equipped with a system that is responsible for changing the driving mode. The first one - calm, for younger users. After turning it on, the Marine scooter accelerates to 10 km per hour. It's a really safe speed, which makes it easy to brake or turn. The second, more dynamic mode, allows you to reach a speed of 18-20 km per hour. And when you' re really in a hurry, you switch to three. Marine scooter then develops its highest speed of 25-27 km/h. With the given values you should take into account that the speed of a scooter and the distance it can cover depend on three factors: the weight of the user, the inclination of the road and the type of surface and weather conditions. And the cherry on the cake: the speedometer. After about 5 seconds of constant driving, you can release the handle and the scooter will continue to drive at the set speed.

The engine in the Marine is maintenance-free, placed in the front wheel. Manufactured in brushless technology, it works silently. If you value silence, this scooter is for you.

Marine has one more advantage - it's foldable. Thanks to that it is easier to hide it under a desk, in a locker or in a car in a trunk. To make it even more comfortable, the scooter has unscrewed handles and a stable, foldable foot.

Carrying luggage. Another advantage is the hook on the steering wheel. First of all, it is used to fold the scooter, but it can also be used to hang a woman's handbag, backpack or shopping bag (the handle has a capacity of up to 10 kg).

Braking. Marine is equipped with a handbrake, but it can be stopped with a fender. Just like in a classic scooter.

Lighting. Evening driving? No problem. Scooter is equipped with two lights: front and rear. Those mounted on the rear fender flash as a warning when the brake is applied.

Water- and dust-resistant. Is it raining? Are there puddles? Marine has IP 54 certificate. We do not recommend driving in the rain, but the scooter should cope well with the moisture.


LCD display: yes (displays the speed at which we are moving)
Cruise control: yes
Front light: yes
Rear light: yes (mounted on brake, flashes when stopped)
Platform: non-slip silicone
Footer: yes
Brake: yes, disc brake
Ringtone: yes
Charger: yes
Replacement battery: yes
Instruction: in Polish


Wheels: 2x 8.5" pumped (50PSI)
Tyres: tubeless
Engine: 350W PIK: 700W
Battery: 36V/ 5Ah lithium-ion
Simple battery exchange system: yes
Folding system: yes
Front light: yes
Ringtone: yes
Maximum user weight: 120 kg
Minimum age of the user: 14 years old
Minimal user height: 120 cm
Maximum speed: approx. 25 km/h (depends on: user's weight, ground, angle of inclination and weather conditions)
Maximum range: 18 km (depends on: user's weight, ground, angle of inclination and weather conditions)
Maximum gradient: 10°
Charger: 42V /2A with battery saving function after the scooter has been charged, the charger switches off.
Charging time: approx. 3 hours
Net weight: 13 kg
Gross weight: 15 kg
Warranty: 24 months